Maryland implementing changes after McNair’s death

Maryland has made a number of changes as the result of the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair after suffering heatstroke during a workout in May 2018.Walters Inc., a sports medicine consulting firm led by Rod Walters, made 20 recommendations after it was hired by the university to conduct a separate investigation into McNair’s death. Maryland athletic director Damon Evans reported to an advisory council Wednesday, and said that the athletic department has implemented 18 of those recommendations in an effort to prevent a similar incident from happening again.McNair showed signs of extreme exhaustion during a May 29 workout (his body temperature was measured at 106 degrees at the hospital), and he died on June 13. He was 19 years old.The changes will include providing cold water immersion devices at all practices, ensuring specific temperature readings are done at each practice location, and posting emergency plans at all activity sites, with staff members receiving additional instruction.